About Tess & Setter Marie



Setter Marie was started out of my (Tess) love of animals and my hope to use any skills and passions I have to make even just the smallest difference in the lives of those that need better ones <3 I hope to meet you in person for a photography session and if photos aren't your thing, feel free to browse our cute little shop! 

About the founder of Setter Marie

Hi! My name is Tess and I live in Western Pennsylvania where I am a wife and also a  mom (to two humans and two dogs). 

Some fun facts about me: 

I love animals! Surprise! 

I have traveled all over the world for my past career and out of all of the places I have been, my back yard, with a view of my dogs and kids playing, is still my favorite <3

I could eat Chinese food and doughnuts every single day of my life and not get sick of either one. 

I have been obsessed with accessorizing since I was a little girl. I am talking assortments of headbands and scrunchies, giraffe earrings, elephant rings, you name it, I loved, and still do love, using accessories to express myself <3

I love reading which is one of the reasons I love photographing pets & people so much. I get to tell stories with pictures! 


Have more questions? Just ask!  Follow me on social media and send me a message :)