Styling Service


How Does it Work? 

So many clients tell me that the scariest and hardest part about committing to a session is finding the right thing to wear! No need to stress another day about this because when you book a session with Setter Marie Photography, I do the styling for you!
What you wear TRULY makes a difference in how your photographs look. This is why styling is so very important to me. I also want you to feel comfortable and confident during your session so that you can enjoy the special memories that are unfolding <3
I work with you and everyone attending your session to determine things like your typical personal style, what you like and don't like about how clothes fit you, and even what colors your eye is most attracted to! Once I have this information, I hand pick items for your all to wear. You have the option to purchase the items I pick or to find similar items in your closet or another store.
Once your session is booked, you will receive a questionnaire so that we can get started styling you.


Timeless, Simple, Beautiful 

Regardless of whether your everyday wardrobe includes a closet full of leggings or business casual outfits, family photographs are a special time and you deserve to feel special on that day! A flowy whimsical dress is always my absolute FAVORITE to photograph. It adds an added layer of beauty to your photographs as you play with your children or you and your husband embrace. We can work together to find something you are comfortable in but that also matches your personality. If you prefer a more casual look for your session, take a look at our Day in the Life Sessions on our website! It could be a perfect option for you and your family. 


Colors Are Everything! 

Let me help you choose color combinations that together well and photography beautifully while also keeping in mind the colors that attract your eye the most!